Northeast Louisiana Electric Power Cooperative, Inc., was incorporated on July 15, 1938. Serving as directors were H.B. Landis, J.E. Richardson, Mrs. T.A. Woolridge, Mrs. G.A. Newcomer, R.M. Ward, E.C. Calloway, Ben Cheek, W.P. Martin, and Mrs. J.M. Shamblin. Serving as the first officers of the cooperative were President - H.B. Landis, Vice President - W.P. Martin, and Secretary-Treasurer - R.M. Ward.
Serving as officers of the Board of Directors at the present time are Thad H. Waters, Jr. - President, Alton L. Welch, Jr. - Vice President, and Richard T. Strong - Secretary. Also serving as directors are Steve E. Pylant, Weldon Fitch, Edward W. Patrick, John Moroni, Charles Hixon and Ray Bryan.
R.E. Holladay, Jr.; D.J. Anders, Jr.; John C. Tucker; Sheila Williamson; and Gerald Baum, Sr. have served as managers of Northeast Louisiana Power Co-op. Jeff Churchwell currently serves as manager of the co-op.